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We all have our favorite friend with flower that will stink up your whole neighborhood. Put them to shame with whats quite possibly the stinkiest cultivar I've had the pleasure of growing!
Soloud Genetics presents our very first cross of our ever so popular, Strawberry Runtz. This new release: Strawberry Runtz (Strawberry Margarita cut) x Banana Splitterz (Super Sweet Funk Cut) is sure to keep your air scrubbers working overtime. 
If you're looking for our sold out Strawberry Runtz or another superb and unique cultivar, you're in luck. Phenos range from fruity, fuely, candied strawberry terps, similar as the mother, to more creamy, funky, sugared up phenos, resembling both parents. And more!! Truly a special experience with these ladies. She's an all around stunner with intense bag appeal, nose and flavor to boot. 
Mother: Strawberry Runtz (Strawberry Margarita cut)
Donor/ Reversal: Banana Splitterz (Super Sweet Funk Cut)
Type: Photo/Fem/Hybrid
Flowering Period: 60-67 days
Growth: Tall Height/ Medium Width 
Difficulty: Moderate
Yield: Heavy
Effects: Uplifting, clear headed, creative. 
Strawberry Runtz= [Kushberries x Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Super Strawberry Cut)] x White Runtz.