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Grandpa’s Stash Multipack GRANDPA�S STASH #12 THE LINEUP: Peach Crescendo F1* x Grandpa�s Stash #12 End Game R2 x Grandpa�s Stash #12 The Punch Line RBX x Grandpa�s Stash #12 Spanish Moon* X Grandpa's Stash #12 Original Crescendo x Grandpa's Stash #12 Bonus Surprise! *Lovin�s Cuts STATS: Variety: Fem Photo Flowering Time: 56-70 Days Yield: Average to Extremely High TAC: 25-30% TERPENES: Earth Pine Gasoline FYI: We picked a diverse variety of breeder-cuts for this pack. Expect something distinctive from each cross. Most of their effects are on the relaxed side of the �hybrid� spectrum, except the Original CrescendO which is extremely heavy. Mold resistance and fast ripening makes this pack a favorite for outdoor and greenhouse growers in fickle environments. Not for Beginners Thrives Indoors & Outdoors Pathogen Resistant Great for Extractions

Grandpa’s Stash Multipack


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