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Hellcat is a cross of Cheetah Piss and Sourdough #1. As her name implies, Hellcat will deliver with the Cheetah Piss trichome coverage we all know and respect. Expect strong bag appeal, large yield with spicy, tropical flavors. Terps: 2-3+% (Humulene/Caryophyllene dominant) This hybrid strain from Offensive Selections features a high yield. She is favorable to both indoor and outdoor growing conditions. Hellcat is available at Attitude Seedbank USA as feminized cannabis seeds only.
Genetics: Cheetah Piss X Sourdough #1
Flowering Time: 56-68
Type: Hybrid
Flavor Profile: Spicy, Tropical
Yield: Medium / High
Area: Indoor / Outdoor
Seed: Feminized



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