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Black Trop Cherry is a feminized strain by Relentless Genetics where Trop Cherry, aka #8 Relentless breeders pheno, was reversed and hit to Black Cherry Ice Cream. BCIC was made by a friend of Relentless, @bdankgrass , when Relentless Genetics Black Cherry Garlic threw some pollen onto seedjunkys Ice Cream Cake-making an ice cream cake structured plant with LOUD cherry gas terps! Combining trop cherry and bcic was a no brainer, theres a really nice variety in the offspring to choose from that will suit the growers environment and preferences. Growers can expect a variety of different colors to come out, depending on the pheno! Terps range from cherry gas to citrus cherry funk, but mostly cherry gas. Yields are above average and the flowering time is usually 9wks. This is a easy to grow strain and doesn’t have an excessive stretch.

Black Trop Cherry