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Bahama Mama x Runtz x Cherry Dosido x Melonade
HATER-ADE: A bevarage comsumed by haters to refuel their hating campabilities.
A trace vitamin that restores your ability to continue hating long after most people would give it up.
EXAMPLE- I had no more energy for hating the deserving bastard. So I bought a 5 pack of haterade and continued all thru the night.
Genotype – Feminized Photoperiod
Lineage – Bahama Runtz X Gatorade (lit farms)
THC – 22 – 26%
Flower time- 9 weeks
Grow method – indoor/outdoor
Yield- High
Resistance to mold – High
Resistance to pests – High
Medical value – high
Taste – Sweet, Berry, Tropical