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Thug Rozé R1 (CALIFORNIA BLACK ROZ� X LILAC DIESEL #22) x END GAME PUNCH LINE #3 STATS: Variety: Fem Photo Flowering Time: 60-70 Days Yield: Absolute Monster TAC: 25% TERPENES: Sharp Sativa Lemon Sweet Tarts Sour Gas FYI: Sharp and sweet, Thug Roz� is an invigorating daytime smoke�perfect for activities or mood-boosting. She produces monster yields and prefers to grow indoors. Loves Indoors Uplifting Effect Appetite Stimulant Strong & Vigorous FEATURES: Extremely vigorous with huge flowers. Long internodes and fairly stacked flowers. Thin, scant blades on the sugar leaves of bulbous, spongy flowers. Fox tails that ripen nicely. Terpene onset comes a little late in this one. Be aware of possible botrytis in humid environments late in flower. She�s not recommended for outdoor setups.

Thug Rozé R1